Are you content?


My life has been fairly easy so far. I have never had to worry about having a place to stay or having enough food to eat. I have the most wonderful parents and an amazing {and ornery} little brother. More importantly than that, I have a relationship with the most incredible heavenly  Father. Yet sometimes I still find myself wishing for more. I believe it started when I was in the 9th grade.

Freshman year in high school was probably the first time I had really been interested in guys. Although I knew I didn’t want a boyfriend at the time, I would allow the {oh so convincing} worldly pressures tell me that I needed one to be happy. I had a few relationships on and off throughout high school, however, nothing ever lasted too long.

Now let’s fast forward to my freshman year of college. Within the first semester I could not seem to get rid of the ache and longing for a romantic relationship. I always felt like something was missing. It wasn’t until that next semester that God began to deal with my bitter heart and teach me about contentment.

Contentment in Jesus. I cannot explain to you how beautiful it is to find contentment in Him. To find joy in Him. To find identity in Him. I began to stop searching for a man in my life. I began to seek Jesus first. Although I still don’t have that “special guy” in my life, I trust God because He knows what He is doing. There may not be a guy out there for me at all and that is okay with me because I have Jesus! {Trust me, I haven’t always been able to say that}

As Christians, our joy should not be circumstantial. Paul teaches us this lesson in Philippians. As he was in prison for the Gospel, he was writing a letter about rejoicing in Christ.. while still in PRISON. If Paul can rejoice in Jesus through that, we can too in our most dry and dark seasons of life. And THAT is where contentment comes in. When we’re finding joy in Christ, how can we not be content in the blessings He gives?

A dear friend of mine said something to me once that will never leave me: “We should be content but never satisfied.” and how true this is!! Our relationship with Christ should never reach a point where we are satisfied with it staying the same. We should always be striving to seek Him further and deeper, all the while being content in Him!

I will leave you with this: finding contentment in Jesus was one of the best decisions of my life. I have grown deeper in Him and He has been so faithful and true. SO. Are you finding your contentment in Him? And if your answer is no.. I encourage you to make that choice. That daily decision to lay your life down, find joy in Him, and declare that He is enough!!

Thanks for reading and letting me share my heart!

〉〉 Paige Elizabeth 〈〈


One thought on “Are you content?

  1. Paige you are a very talented and blessed child of God. Some of us feel blessed just being around you. I love your blog even though I know you well, I will look forward to reading these when they are posted. My advice to you is live one day at a time and continues leading children to the Lord which is one of your Spiritual gifts. Love you Sweetie!!!


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